Special Features of a Triathlon Bike

By | December 3, 2016

If you are a new triathlete, you may be wondering what is the difference between a road bike and a triathlon bike? To the average person, the two bike look the same when set side-by-side. But, at a longer glance, you will understand that there is something more special about triathlon.


Before explaining them, you must remember that using triathlon bike is not limited to triathlon events. Even on solo ride, triathlon bike works best. Triathlon bike provides an easy transition from swim to bike and from bike to run. Since bike comes after the swim and before the run, the bike used should be designed in a way that the triathlete can easily mount and dismount.


Biking is the longest part of any triathlon. Therefore, the bike to be used must be designed in a way that it can provide comfort to the rider. The first thing that one thinks about is the seat: if it’s centered, the security of the tilt, and the appropriateness of the height. They all matter. Being centered on you bike means that you don’t have to push or pull on the handlebars, which can put stress on your upper body. And, just the right height, keeps you from tiring your legs and your rear end. All of this should be considered when picking a bike to use in a triathlon. The Garside Study in 2001 disclosed that triathletes who use triathlon bike run faster that those who use the regular road bike on the same covered distance.


Since triathlon bike is designed to be efficient and comfortable, the rider saves a lot of energy that is important to finish the race. Simply put, the triathlon bike would give you the speed you need not only on the bike but also on the run. In addition, you can look forward to less leg cramp and lower back pain due to its geometrical construction. These advantages provide you with the much needed energy and comfort during the race.