Special Features of a Triathlon Bike

If you are a new triathlete, you may be wondering what is the difference between a road bike and a triathlon bike? To the average person, the two bike look the same when set side-by-side. But, at a longer glance, you will understand that there is something more special about triathlon. Before explaining them, you… Read More »

Preparing for a Winter Triathlon

During the winter time, most people would immediately retreat indoors because of the harsh cold climate. However, if you’re seriously committed in preparing for your triathlon, you should remain focused on your goals. There are plenty of training options for you to choose form which includes the treadmill, turbo or an indoor pool. It’s important… Read More »

5 Keys To Successful Golfing

Recreational sports can be very trying at times. Not to mention, buying sports gear can be very trying. But, for you golfers, here are five keys to a successful game of golf. One: Whenever you shift the ball from the sand bunker, use the exact same swing pose every single time Every time you must… Read More »

5 Best Tips For Buying Fishing Reel

Purchasing a fishing reel isn’t difficult at all, but you do have to think a bit and consider what type of fishing you will be doing. Different kinds of fishing and many species of fish require different fishing gear and equipment. This article will give you 7 tips on buying reels so that you get that is just… Read More »

3 Safety Tips For Hikers

Hiking is generally not a dangerous activity if you prepare properly. There are times, however, that you’ll be a long way from “civilization” and you could get injured or have something else happen. In order to hike safely, the following safety tips should always be considered. 1. Don’t Hike Alone This is probably not critical… Read More »